Monday, October 14, 2013

Additional Vase Block for my Civil War Bride Quilt

I've been playing with the layout for my Civil War Bride quilt and decided to make an extra vase block so I can put a vase in each corner. Here's what I came up with.........

Monday, October 7, 2013

Civil War Bride Quilt - Block #15 & Groom Block

Here are the next two blocks I've been working on for my Civil War Bride Quilt.

I thought the Bride looked lonely so made a groom for her. I've also completed Block #15,the redwing blackbirds block.

I'm getting close to another decision point on this quilt - whether I'll stop at 16 blocks and make it a square quilt or push on to making the full 20 blocks. The next block I'll make is another vase block so that there will be one for each corner of the quilt and then think about which block I'd like to make for my 16th if I decide to stop there. Decisions - Decisions.