Saturday, January 31, 2015

Block #11, Civil War Bride Quilt, & Trial Layout

I started the Civil War Bride quilt 4 1/2 years ago - boy does time fly.  I completed my 16th block some months ago but neglected to post a picture. it is.  It's block #11 on the pattern - a robin and nest of eggs.

Since I've been helping care for my baby grandson, my time to spend on quilting has decreased a lot.  I've been re-thinking priorities and have decided to call this quilt good with 16 blocks rather than 20.  I plan to add some more applique to the first block in the first row, and a little bit of embroidery on a few of the blocks, sew it together, and start on the borders.  Here's a picture of a possible layout of my blocks.  Input welcome!

Crazy Quilt Class Update

I completed the next task (task #7) so all of my seams are covered with embroidery now.  On to the silk ribbon embroidery - boy am I excited to try that!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

I'm Excited to be Crazy Quilting

I love all kinds of handwork, so when I learned about an on-line crazy quilting class by Kathy Shaw, I got really excited.  I could hardly believe that the class was also free so signed up without a moments hesitation.

We move at our own pace in the class.  We have tasks to complete, then post a picture of our completed task, then are emailed the next task.  The pictures below are my completed Task #6, which is the stitching on all but 3 of the seams.  Those 3 seams are in the next task and have some ribbon work in 1 of them.  Can't wait for that!

I'm having lots of fun in this class and am learning some new stitches that I hadn't even seen in the past.  One I especially like is a woven stitch - intricate and kind of tricky to do - but I just love it (the bright green detached stitches on the far left - easiest to see in the 2nd photo).  I really like the look of the little hyacinths all in a row too. 

I'm hoping that this venture back into the world of crazy quilting will get me pumped to finish the other blocks I've made and those I received in a swap some years ago.  The swap only required that 5 of the seams have some treatment on them, so there's still lots of work to be done on them.  My plan is to work on those while I'm working on this block, incorporating some of these stitches in them, and when I'm finished with the class in March, would then have enough blocks to put a pretty quilt together.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Nesting Robin - Tree of Life and Pomegranates complete my Flora/Fauna blocks

In the Nesting Robin Challenge that I joined, we were to make Flora/Fauna blocks this month.  I completed the Tree of Life block I've been working on.  I used needle turn applique for the trunk, and decided to use invisible thread and a blanket stitch on the machine, to sew it down - finally completed that step today. 
More Flora/Fauna blocks - three pomegranates sewn next to some of last month's triangle blocks.. 

Here's my layout so far.  Squares, triangles, & flora/fauna.  The blank spaces will have more blocks as a type of block we'll need to make is revealed each month.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Nesting Robin Update

My Nesting Robin is coming along.  I've decided to do a free form layout since I've previously participated in 2 row robins and 2 round robins.  I finished my design of the quilt and made the parts for the first several months.  The lady who started the Nesting Robin reveals each month what subject our blocks will be that month. 

-The 1st month we selected our "center/main block"
-The 2nd month we made "squares"
-the 3rd month we made "triangles"
-the 4th month (this month) is "Flora/Fauna"

 Here are the blocks I have so far.  The gaps are where other blocks will be placed:

This is the Center/Main Block
Here are the "squares"  
Here are the "triangles"
I'm making 3 blocks for "flora/fauna" - here's the first one:
Here's the second:
.....and I just finished designing and started working on the third block.  I've always wanted to make a Broidery Perse Tree of Life.  So here it is in process.  I need to applique the tree onto the background, then will fuse the flowers, leaves, & bird, and finally go around them with an embroidered  buttonhole stitch.
My plan is to use various background fabrics and other fabric from my stash.  I'm finding this to be a lot of fun and very creative.