Saturday, June 13, 2015

Monograms for my Crazy Quilt Blocks

This is my embroidered monogram for the Intermediate Crazy Quilt class I'm taking from Kathy Shaw.  I started it in an earlier class and finished it with leaves and French knots during this class.


My beaded monogram was quite a challenge for me.  I wasn't happy with the color of the beads I used.  The blue was too bright and just didn't look right with the other colors on the block.  I used up some brain cells trying to decide what to do.  Then I remembered that I had some Tsuineko ink from an earlier class.  I tried the silver ink, and liked the results, but the ink partially wore off while I was embroidering the remainder of the word.  This morning I got some silver nail polish to put over the top, and viola, it worked. 

These are my ribbon monograms.  I decided to make 2 of these, and feel okay about the first one, and really like the second one.

Reworked Spiderweb

I was busy working on monograms and got stalled on the beaded one for class.  Just didn't like the color of beads I used.  So while my brain was spinning gears for a solution I decided to work a little bit more on one of my spider webs.  It's a pattern from one of the class hand-outs and I love the pattern.  However, once I got it on my block, it seemed too small.  I decided to rework it and make it into an expanded motif/combination motif.

Here is the reworked spider web and the original one I made.  I like how the reworked one fits the space better and it seems more interesting to me.  I put a momma bird, and nest with 2 baby birds in it, to round out the story.  Better, right?


Saturday, June 6, 2015

Motifs, Expanded Motifs, and Wisteria for My Crazy Blocks

This was a fun task to do - so many wonderful ideas on the internet to be inspired by, and our instructor, Kathy Shaw, includes a lot in her handouts too. 

For my Basic Motif, I decided to make some flip flops for my block with the palm trees on it, and some suitcases, just because I thought the picture I saw of them on the internet was so adorable.  I used some Madeira gold metallic thread on the suitcases and was pleased that it wasn't the type that shreds.  I'll use this brand again.

For my Expanded Motif, I made an old fashioned roadster.  Then added a scene of a picnic.  I can just picture myself relaxing under that tree and enjoying a nice spring afternoon.

For my Expanded Motif, I also wanted to make this cute little boy.  He reminds me of my grandson who is about this age.  I decided to flip the picture to better fit my block and change the candle to a bouquet of flowers made with floss and silk ribbon.  I can just picture him picking flowers from the garden and presenting them to me with a shy little grin.

For my Mixed Technique, I used one of the pretty designs in our handouts.  I decided to try making some woven roses out of perle cotton.  I also used silk ribbon and made a gathered rose for the center, some fly stitch roses, and some detached chain stitch rose buds.
For my Wisteria, I used Jute for the twisted trunk, silk ribbon and floss for the flowers, and silk ribbon and perle cotton for the leaves.

Making Spider Webs for my Crazy Blocks

The next task in the Intermediate Crazy Quilt Class I'm taking is spider webs.  We're to make them on a vine or branch and include a spider.  I'm not real fond of spiders so the ones I make need to be small and innocent looking.  No big, scary spiders for me.  No sir.

This web is on a broidery perse vine for my little spider.