Monday, March 26, 2012

Basket Block of the Month

Another post that should have been posted in January:

I'm assisting Ruth with Programs at Foothills Quilters this year and she asked me to lead a Block of the Month.  We decided on a redwork basket quilt.   Here are the blocks I made to show as samples for the first month:

After collecting embroidery basket blocks over the years, it felt like a good time to use them, and put them together into a quilt for this block of the month project. 

And so the planning began..............I searched the internet and found a picture of a quilt with a setting I thought would look good.  Then searched through my stash of magazines to find pieced blocks to go with the embroidery blocks I'd collected.  Oh, and in the process I was able to get my magazine stash all organized, by name of magazine and date, because I kept getting confused by the jumble.  Turns out I had duplicates of quite a few magazines that led to the confusion.  Now all those duplicates have new homes (yeah)!

As it turned out, I couldn't find enough pieced blocks in the search through my magazines, but then thought of The Quick and Easy Block Tool (kind of a book) and, happily, there were enough block patterns in there to make this idea work. 

I decided to design a border for the quilt using embroidered flowers.  Again I went back to the embroidery patterns I'd been saving over the years and found an idea I thought would work.  I turned it into borders and is the result.

Here's a better view of the quilt top:

We've now completed with and have shown the first two sets of blocks (January's and February's)  and here are the blocks the Foothills ladies have made so far:

SunBonnet Sue Quilt

More catching up - this should also have been posted in January.

I finally completed the top with the blocks the Foothills gals gave me for serving as President several years ago.  These blocks were so darling and fun to work with.  I decided to place the SunBonnet Sue blocks so they looked like they were following each other.  I posted that here earlier as I was working on it.  Now the borders are on (did you see the mitered corners?) and all it needs is to be quilted.  My goal is to do that for this year's UFO Challenge at Foothills.  I'll keep you posted.

Princess Feathers Quilt

Still catching up - this also should have been posted in January.

This is the applique quilt that I was working on as my 4th UFO for the Foothills 2011 UFO Challenge.  I got the top completed in time but not the quilting.  When I picked it back up to work on, after it had been languishing for quite a number of years, I found I still had a couple of blocks to work on, and the border to complete.  That took a little bit longer than I thought so I didn't quite make the deadline for the challenge.  I'm pleased I finished the top by the deadline though (yeah - that's a milestone in itself).  My revised plan is to do the quilting and get it all completed to show for the 2012 UFO Challenge.

This was one of my first applique projects.  The blocks were done by making a freezer paper template, turning the fabric under using spray starch, then appliqueing them down.  I've done a number of applique projects since then, and have learned needle turn applique, so did the border using needle turn applique. 

I just love this quilt - it looks like one my grandmother might have made.

Another UFO Completed - Through the Window Wall Hanging

Catching up - this should have been posted in January too. 

This is the 4th UFO I completed for 2011 during the Foothills' UFO Challenge.  My personal goal was to complete 4 applique quilts and I nearly got there - 3 out of 4.  Though this one isn't an applique quilt, it's finished.  That makes me happy.  Well, any quilt that gets finished makes me happy.  This one uses a fun technique called Through the Window.  It's good to put it into the completed pile.

Linda's UFO

Mystery Quilt for 2012 - Gather Blessings (Baskets)

Getting caught up - January 18th should have posted: 

I had a mystery quilt sewing day at my house today for the Foothills Quilters (Quilt Guild group).  The quilt we made is called Gather Blessings which is a hint to what the subject of the quilt was going to be.  Can you guess?   Give up?  It was baskets.  Here's a picture of the quilt I made as the sample for the mystery:

LindaP's Mystery Quilt

We had 15 ladies come, had a delicious potluck, and did lots of sewing.  We took pictures of the quilts when the ladies brought them to our next Foothills meeting.   Here are Darlene's and then Louise M's.  Isn't it a sweet quilt!

Darlene's Mystery Quilt

LouiseM's Mystery Quilt


Haven't posted in such a long time.  I hope to get caught up a little bit today.  This should have been posted January8th when we got a new little dog.  Meet Elmo..............

Elmo is the little dog we recued – a furry Birthday present.  He’s a 3 year old shih tzu.  He’s a sweet little dog and really needed a home because he’s blind.  It just about broke my heart when I realized that he couldn’t see.  I didn’t really think I’d feel like getting another dog after Gizmo passed away.  It took about a year to finally decide I wanted to have another little fur baby to snuggle.  We're so glad we made the decision and have fallen completely in love with Elmo.