Thursday, December 10, 2009

I won! I can hardly believe it but I won a blog give-away!

I've just recently started blogging and already I'm loving it.  I even won a blog give-away.  How fun is that!  My friend, Kim, had a drawing for her first year blogging anniversery.  I was one of the two winners.  Look at the wonderful goodies I won:

The Candle Beads will look great on my holiday table.  The pretty fat quarter will be perfect for the Baltimore Album applique I'm working on.  And the beautiful multi-colored bracelet is one she made herself.  I just love it.  I wore it already - last night when my husband and I went out to dinner to celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversery. 


sophie said...

That gift seems just made for you . . . so lucky you were to win it.

Happy Anniversary.

Hilda said...

You must be on a roll since you won the giveaway on my blog as well. Maybe a trip to a casino is in order!

Rebecca said...

Linda congrats! Happy Anniversary!

Barb said...

I hope you had a wonderful anniversary Aunt Linda! Congrats on your winnings! It's been so nice to see your pretty face on the blog. Hope we get to see you sometime over the Holiday, or the New Year. Tell Mike and his family hello! Love you!!

Barb Alexander

Linda P. said...

It's fun to see comments on my blog.

How exciting that I won your blog drawing, Hilda. I just love that apron and will use it daily to save my clothes from spatter while I'm cooking.

Hi Rebecca - glad you found me here. I'll be following your blog too.

Hey there Barb - I was surprised and pleased to see your message. I've just recently started blogging and am getting kind of a slow start because there are so many other things to do this time of year. Glad you found me. Do you have a blog too?

Barb said...

No I don't have a blog. But Mark does. He doesn't post very often, as we are getting busy with our new business, and I am in school. I'm emailing the Christmas letters out tomorrow, or Saturday. It'll explain everything! :)