Thursday, July 1, 2010

Block #14, Peahen (Civil War Bride Quilt)

My little peahen is finished and is busy strutting around under the wild rose bush.  I sure am captivated by this charming quilt - can't seem to put it down.   I hope I can keep the enthusiasm going because this is only the 6th block I've made.  There are still 14 blocks to go.  It feels a little daunting when I think of it that way and of all the little pieces that go into each block.   But, one stitch at a time and it will eventually be a quilt.  :-)

Count Down:  6 finished - 14 more to go


sophie said...

You have a third of the blocks done and I have NO DOUBT that you will finish them all and make a wonderful quilt.

Kim D. said...

Very pretty Linda!! What size are these blocks?

Rebecca said...

Very pretty Linda! :)

Billie said...

Linda, I love all your CWBQ blocks! I have been following the CWBQ blog for some time now, admiring everyone's blocks, but I have to say yours really stand out as my favorites. I have the pattern and my background fabric, but have been dragging my feet in starting. I have so many other projects going and I know I'll get totally engrossed in making these blocks. But that's a good thing, I guess! So one day soon I'm going to get started. Thanks for the inspiration!

Billie in Maryland =-)

Cheri said...

Thanks for the tip on peahen tail fabric, I know that fabric. Hope you had a good weekend.

Happy Stitching,