Friday, July 13, 2012

4-Patch Posey for My Granddaughter

I've got the 4-Patch Posey bug so decided to make another one.

The 1 yard piece of fabric I found in my stash had the 4 repeats in just the one yard with about 6" left over.  I decided I'd make a small quilt with it and put the excess on the back to show how the original fabric looked before it was "kaleidoscoped". 

In the process of sewing it, my granddaughter mentioned that she wished she had a quilt.  She hadn't shown interst in my quilts for several years so I was pleased. 

Her bedroom set is the black lacquer look so thought this one might look really nice in her new apartment (she's moving in with a girlfriend in August).  However, with not nearly enough fabric to make a queen sized quilt, could I make it work?   I decided to use it as a design opportunity and came up with some alternate blocks to go with the posey blocks.

Since these are small block (the posey part is only 4"/4 1/2', sashed they are 6"/6 1/2"), it's going to take 130 blocks (13 rows of 10 blocks).   Here are 3 sample rows finished - I wanted to make sure I liked the look before I did the whole thing - there are lots of little pieces.

3 rows finished

Pieces and parts yet to sew

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