Friday, April 5, 2013

Block #12 and Picture of My 12 Finished Blocks, Civil War Bride Quilt

I've picked up my Civil War Bride Quilt again, after nearly 2 years with it on the back burner, and completed my 12th block.

I'd forgotten how much I had enjoyed working on these blocks.  I'd like to finally complete this quilt whether I end up with a 12 block, a 16 blocks, or the full 20 block quilt.  I'd really like to make a groom for my bride so am thinking I won't stop at 12.  Guess I'll press on to the next decision point of 16 blocks.

Here's a picture of the 12 blocks that I've completed so far:


Jane in Wales said...

Another lovely block! I looked at all your other ones again, and they are beautiful too.

Karen said...

Nice! I like the blue fabric you used for the butterfly.

K said...

I love your CWB quilt. Really beautiful!