Monday, July 29, 2013

Home Sweet Home Quilt - Block 6

Here's Block 6 - slightly modified from the original pattern.  Can you find the 4 changes?

Before I finished this block I thought I'd post pictures of the way I prep my blocks when doing fusible. 

This picture is of the 4 remaining blocks all drawn on the fusible - the first step.  I've drawn whatever pieces would fit within the outline of the house base and those that wouldn't fit are placed in a baggie marked with the block number.

The picture below is of the second step that I do - cutting out the centers of the larger pieces so that the fabric won't feel stiff on the finished quilt.  I do that as I'm ready to work on a block and before I fuse them to the fabric.

The next picture is of the 3 remaining blocks - centers haven't been cut out of the larger pieces for these blocks yet - I'll do that as I start to work on each block.  This helps space out my scissor cutting so I don't get a sore hand from the repetitive motion.

You can also see how I wrap my bias stems around a cardboard roll so that they hold their shape.  I made a lot of 1/4" bias stems but, as you can see, most have already been used.  It's time to make enough to get through the last 3 blocks so I don't have to stop and do that later.

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