Monday, February 15, 2010

Baltimore Album Quilt - month 9 - Eagles

I found this antique eagle pattern in a Quilters Newsletter Magazine some time ago and have been longing to get to the month we make eagles so I could make him.  I liked everything about the pattern except the face.  The face on the pattern looked more like a duck so I changed it to look a little more majectic - more like an eagle.  Of course I just had to embellish him some too.  He has the word courage written by his foot.  It's in honor of my grandson, Logan, who just went into the Army in January.  I'm so proud of him for deciding to serve our country.  He says he even likes basic training so far.  Way to go Logan!

I've decided to use the blocks I've made so far and make two quilts.  Now that this eagle block is finished, I've completed all of the blocks for the first quilt.  I have four more blocks I want to make for the second quilt.

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