Thursday, October 14, 2010

More pictures of our "new" house

I mentioned that I'd post pictures of the last two areas I needed to settle.  The dining room looks much, much different with all those boxes out of there, doesn't it!  I still need to do the touch-up painting so that I can hang my quilts and pictures.  This room will have my Baltimore Album Quilt on the wall. 

Here's my sewing room.  I unpacked in there on Tuesday and got a lot done.  Not all, but a lot.  I took the pictures in such a way that the remaining boxes don't show too was a trickie picture to take but you can barely see the boxes that are still in there.  The first view is of the end where I have my sewing machine, big board ironong boad, cutting table, and stash.

This second shot is of the other end of the room where my longarm is located.  I still need to do some organizing, but I'm started, and that makes me happy.

Here's a picture of Rick's office/guest room.  I couldn't get a very good shot in there but here's what I could fit into the frame....


Cheri said...

Yea, sewing room is set up, are you starting to feel at home? Can't wait to see a picture of your Baltimore Album quilt on the wall. Miss you on the CWBQ blog.


Bobbie Ashley said...

Linda, how happy we are for you. Nothing like getting settled in and recycling the last remaining box. Kudos to you, you will be quilting your heart out in no time soon.


Rebecca said...

Looking good Linda! I think the dining room is an excellent spot for your Baltimore Album! What a nice sized sewing room you have.

SandyQuilts said...

Hey girl it looks so nice. And now your very own sewing room again instead of the Master. I MISS YOU