Monday, October 4, 2010

We're Moved!

We finally got possession of our "new" house on Thursday, Sept. 30th at around 3pm.  I had time to run in and quickly vacuum some of the the carpet before the movers came to unload.  It was so frustrating that we were not allowed to do all the cleaning in the house before our stuff was brought in.  The seller absolutely refused to let us get in in advance and the house had been vacant for 9 months.  Boy was/is it dusty dirty!   I'm still working at getting it cleaned up since now I'm working around furniture and boxes.

Actually the unpacking is going fairly well.  We were able to sleep in our bed the first night.  Since the movers were here unloading and placing furniture until about 10:30pm, that sure was great because we were pooped.

Friday my wonderful mover, Mark, from Mark's Quality Moving, came back and set-up my longarm first thing in the morning. I was also able to finish settling the family room and master bedroom that day.

Saturday, I started unpacking the kitchen and got snagged into helping Rick with the garage in the morning before it got too hot.  I couldn't believe I actually got persuaded to work on the garage before finishing the kitchen.  I guess it needed to be that way though, because I was having Rick take furnishing we thought were going to fit in this house and didn't and stuffing all that around the boxes sitting in the garage.  He said he couldn't fit one more thing out there until we got stuff onto shelves.  So there you go - it made sense.  At least in the afternoon I was able to get back to unpacking the kitchen and pantry.

Sunday morning I couldn't sleep so started upacking the laundry room and breakfast room at about 3am.  The breakfast room was no easy task because I had all the boxes unloaded into only 4 locations, one was the breakfast room, and it was stacked floor to ceiling with boxes.  You'd never know it now though...............

After finishing that I started placing my good dishes and glasses in the built-in cupboards just before lunch.  Then we had our first visitors to our new home, my granddaughter Lacey who was here from CA for her birthday.  We had lunch here for her and her friend and visited the afternoon away.  Her friend brought his guitar and seranaded us in our new home.  Cool!

Somewhere along the way I got the screen porch organized and also the patio and back yard fountain area.  I'm beginning to loose track of when because I find myself starting something in one area and then jumping over to something else.  Short attention span, I guess, especially with so much that needs to be done and I wish it could all be done at once.

Today I've been working in the dining room, one of the other 4 areas where I had the majority of boxes placed.  I hope to make good progress in there because the handyman comes tomorrow and one of the things on his list is to hang the chandelier. 

After that the last major area of boxes will be my sewing room.

Rick has made his office in the second bedroom/guest room.  It's quite a large room and looks like it's going to work out well with both his office stuff and the king-sized guest bed in there.  He's been teasing that he can work for awhile and then lay down and nap for awhile and no one will even know it - so he seems to like the set-up.  He's been working on settling his office and trying to keep his business going at the same time.  I've not had to do too much in there.  Yeah!

So two out of the four areas where we had boxes placed are unpacked - the garage and the breakfast room.  We still have two more to go - the dining room and sewing room.  But we're getting there and it's starting to feel like home.


Rebecca said...

Linda, WOW! I am tired just reading your post! LOL Moving is a lot of work, but I am so glad you finally got it done. Your house is looking good! :) Hope I can see it someday!

Barb said...

My dearest Aunt,
I'd love to have your new address! :)
Glad you guys made it, and are moved in...whew! Moving is tough!
Love you, miss you!


quiltingraniet said...

I'm like Rebecca-I'm worn out just reading this! You'll make it, I'm sure and it's gonna feel so good when you're finished. Can't wait to see it, neighbor!