Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Quilts for My Colorado Family

We're Back from our trip to Colorado to see my ailing Mother and our relatives who live there.  I gave her a comfort quilt, the "Heart of Gold Mini-Baltimore" from my last post.  Unfortunately, she's confused enough that she didn't realize that it was me who made it for her.  She misunderstood and thought it was made by my daughter-in-law.  I think that after some time, and telling her a few times that it was from me, she finally understood.  Regardless of who she thought gave it to her, she said she loved it and appreciated it.  That made me feel happy.  We hung it on the wall where she could see it and I hope it will make her feel loved when she looks at it.

I also made my Mom a wallhanging for her 90th Birthday which we celebrated while we were there.  I thought the sentiment was so meaningful.

While we were there we got to see my youngest son, Scott's, new home.  It's his first home with is new wife, Andrea.  They live in beautiful Fort Collins, CO.  I wanted to make them a housewarming gift for it so decided to make a wallhanging for their entry.

About 5 years ago, Scott's then girlfriend - now wife, Andrea, helped me pick out some fabric to make a quilt that matched one I had made for him.  A his and hers kind of thing.  I finally took it to her on this trip.  The first picture is the quilt I made for her and the second picture is the one I had previously made and given to my son.  The layout, sashing, and borders are different on each of them but they both have the same color log cabin blocks.  They selected the colors for the blocks, but Scott wanted his accent to be black & white, and Andrea wanted hers to be a jungle print. 

My niece has 4 little girls and they love quilts.  I had a quilt I had made previously from "ugly fat quarters" that I won at a quilt gathering at our mountain home last year.  I thought it looked like a quilt for little girls, so decided to go ahead and quilt it, and give it to them.  Coincidently, it was also one of the little girl's Birthdays while we were there so we had her open the "package".  It was funny to me that it was such a hit and yet it was made from what others think of as ugly fabric.

I usually bring a gift for my sister when I get to see her every year or so.  Her favorite colors are pink & blue so I thought I'd make this little Sunbonnet Girls wallhanging with blue floss and put a border of pink and blue fabric on it.  The label I put on it was, "My Sister, My Friend".

Can you see that the disappearing marking pen had not yet completely disappeared on the wallhangings when I snapped these pictures?  Oops.

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