Monday, March 26, 2012

Basket Block of the Month

Another post that should have been posted in January:

I'm assisting Ruth with Programs at Foothills Quilters this year and she asked me to lead a Block of the Month.  We decided on a redwork basket quilt.   Here are the blocks I made to show as samples for the first month:

After collecting embroidery basket blocks over the years, it felt like a good time to use them, and put them together into a quilt for this block of the month project. 

And so the planning began..............I searched the internet and found a picture of a quilt with a setting I thought would look good.  Then searched through my stash of magazines to find pieced blocks to go with the embroidery blocks I'd collected.  Oh, and in the process I was able to get my magazine stash all organized, by name of magazine and date, because I kept getting confused by the jumble.  Turns out I had duplicates of quite a few magazines that led to the confusion.  Now all those duplicates have new homes (yeah)!

As it turned out, I couldn't find enough pieced blocks in the search through my magazines, but then thought of The Quick and Easy Block Tool (kind of a book) and, happily, there were enough block patterns in there to make this idea work. 

I decided to design a border for the quilt using embroidered flowers.  Again I went back to the embroidery patterns I'd been saving over the years and found an idea I thought would work.  I turned it into borders and is the result.

Here's a better view of the quilt top:

We've now completed with and have shown the first two sets of blocks (January's and February's)  and here are the blocks the Foothills ladies have made so far:

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