Monday, March 26, 2012

Princess Feathers Quilt

Still catching up - this also should have been posted in January.

This is the applique quilt that I was working on as my 4th UFO for the Foothills 2011 UFO Challenge.  I got the top completed in time but not the quilting.  When I picked it back up to work on, after it had been languishing for quite a number of years, I found I still had a couple of blocks to work on, and the border to complete.  That took a little bit longer than I thought so I didn't quite make the deadline for the challenge.  I'm pleased I finished the top by the deadline though (yeah - that's a milestone in itself).  My revised plan is to do the quilting and get it all completed to show for the 2012 UFO Challenge.

This was one of my first applique projects.  The blocks were done by making a freezer paper template, turning the fabric under using spray starch, then appliqueing them down.  I've done a number of applique projects since then, and have learned needle turn applique, so did the border using needle turn applique. 

I just love this quilt - it looks like one my grandmother might have made.

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