Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I'm Having Fun with Rit Dye

I decided to finish off what was left in my little jars of Rit dye from the Intermediate Crazy Quilting Class I'm taking (this one is about dyeing).  I used lots of laces and trims.  Here is a collage of them wet and then one of them dry.

There was still quite a lot of Rit dye left in the little jars, and since I had a bolt of white muslin, I decided to cut some fat quarters, and give fabric a try.  I was able to use up the rest of the dye in the little jars and now all that's left is some of the 3 basic solutions.  The first picture is of the 14 fat quarters wet and the second picture is of them dry.  I've decided that I went from fabric that was probably about two dollars a yard for plain white muslin, to fabric that's probably close to nine dollars a yard or more, because it's now considered hand-dyed fabric.  And isn't it pretty?  It looks like a rainbow.  This is so cool!

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Sewing Up A Storm said...

Your dyed things look wonderful and I bet you have lots of fun using them. I can't wait to take that class next time she offers it.