Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Quilting Ladies that I Quilted for a Friend

I occasionally do custom quilting for others, not as a business, but just for fun.  Here is a quilt of cute quilting ladies I did for a friend from my Palo Verde Patchers' quilting group. 

I did a meander around the quilting ladies.

There's a feathered wreath in the large 4-patch blocks.

This is the inner border design.

A feathered outer border.
I was very slow finishing this quilt.  This poor lady had to wait for quite some time for her quilt.  I'm finally starting to feel better though, I've had quite a bad fibro flare, and it's kept me out of my sewing room for several months.  I don't do quilt show quality quilts - I just quilt for fun from time to time.  I'm pleased to have this one finished. 


Sewing Up A Storm said...

Very cute! Love what you did in the yellow border. I bet that was fun to work on so cheery.

Gena Stewart said...

Lovely quilting as always.