Monday, October 5, 2015

Crazy Quilt Mini Silk Ribbon Embroidery Flowers

Finished the Crazy Quilt Class (#107 Mini Silk Ribbon Embroidery Flowers) in August but forgot to post pictures.  Fun class, learned a lot, and have already made a few more flowers for some of my other crazy quilt blocks.

Scene #1.  Can you see the little bunny in the bottom right corner?

Scene #2
Both scenes together.
I was able to get them both in my hoop, side by side, because I made them half the size of the pattern.  My plan is to put them into the center of a crazy quilt block so I wanted to make them small enough to do that.  It made forming the flowers, and fitting them into the allotted space along the fences a little bit more challenging, but that's okay. 

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