Monday, April 12, 2010

Mini-Quilting Retreat in Payson, AZ

Thursday and Friday of last week a group got together for a mini-quilting retreat at our Payson mountain home.  It was really enjoyable.  There was lots of good conversation, plenty of food, and door prizes for all.  Plus we got a lot of sewing done.  Here we are working away.

In the following picture you can see a few more of the retreaters and a few of the door prizes (on the TV tray) that hadn't been won yet.

The ladies each brought baby pictures for one game.  For other games they also brought 2 orphan blocks and 2 ugly fat quarters.  The challenge to the ladies who won both of these was to use them to make a quilt.  Here are the orphan blocks.  There were so many pretty ones.  It's going to make an interesting quilt.

The ladies seemed to enjoy the door prizes.  LindaSue won a border quilting guide roll, Patty won a block carrier roll, Laura won the orphan blocks, Joni won some applique goodies, Joanne won the other block carrier roll, Joan won some thangles, and I was the last one to win so guess who got stuck with, strike that, I mean, who has the priviledge of making the ugly fat quarters into a quilt.  Laura brought the fat quarter that was voted to be the ugliest.........some of these fat quarters were really UGLY and are going to be quite a challenge to put together into a quilt.  There was one additional door prize, a digital camera; Joni took that one home.  Each lady also received a thumb pin cushion stuffed with wool batting so their pins will stay nice and sharp.

We had absolutely wonderful the mid-70's.....and were able to eat outside on the patio for all of our meals.  What a relaxing time and a great get-away.


Rebecca said...

Of course, Laura won the blocks!!! LOL She has the best luck! I notice ou didn't show a picture of the ugly fat quarters?? :) It will be interesting to see what you do with them. Looks like a good time was had by all!

Linda P. said...

I know; isn't she lucky! I got all inspired to turn the uglies into a quilt and have been working on doing that ever since I got back. Two quilt tops are now done - too many FQ for just one top. One top is pretty bright and loud. The other one looks kind of antique and I'll probably use it as a throw up at the mountain home after it's quilted.