Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ugly Fat Quarter Quilt Tops

At the mini-quilting retreat we had last week in Payson, AZ, each lady who attended was asked to bring 2 ugly fat quarters. A challenge was given to the winner to make a quilt from them. Guess who won the ugly fat quarters!?  Since there were enough fat quarters, I was able to make two quilt tops.  Here's what I put together using these "lovelies".  I used the Turning Twenty Again pattern for both of these quilt tops.

This one is made up of the purple, lavendar, pink, and misc. colored fat quarters - I used a lavendar butterfly border.  Kind of reminds me of uglies emerging into butterflies.  This one will either go to a granddaughter, if one of them dibs it, or will go to charity. 

I used the more antique looking fabrics in the following quilt top and added the border fabric in with the blocks.  I may keep this actually looks kind of nice.  The fabric that won as the ugliest was used in this top.........I didn't think it was so's the mustard colored fabric with the bear paw prints on it (click to enlarge if you can't find it). 


Rebecca said...

Good job Linda! They both look great. You have been busy! :)

Kim D. said...

Hey, if you don't like them you can always give them to charity. Great job!!