Sunday, April 4, 2010

Second Week's Progress - Organizing My Stash

I made more progress this week folding my stash.  There are 3 more shelves folded and more added to the previous 3 shelves.  The flannel, pre-quilted, and large backing fabric took more space so I was only able to get 4 stacks on those 2 shelves.

Isn't it starting to look better already?  I'm loving this method of folding. 

This week I pulled fabric for a couple of projects from the newly organized shelves and it made finding just the right fabric so much easier. 

I have several more large pieces of backing fabric I still need to fold, then it's on to the fabric I have in various fabric lines that I want to keep together, and fabric for anticipated projects that I want to keep together too.  This step is going to be a little bit more challenging.  I think I'll tie them together with colorful torn fabric strips from my scraps.  Maybe my scrap bin will get a little bit leaner in the process - that'll be a good thing.


Rebecca said...

Linda, It's looking great. I am thinking after we move this summer I am going to do the same thing to organize my stash. Most of the time I don't even know what I have! LOL Keep up the good work!

Kim D. said...

It's looking good!! Have fun in the mountains..