Friday, May 28, 2010

Civil War Bride Quilt

Now that the Baltimore Album class I took at the Quilted Apple is finished we've started on a new series of classes to begin making the "Civil War Bride Quilt" (also sometimes called the "Bird of Paradise Quilt").  It looks like we'll be aiming to get two blocks finished per month. It's a 20 block quilt so at that pace plus one class for the border it will take us nearly a year.  When the instructor, ArleneS, told us about the next project, I didn't realize it was the same quilt that the ladies on the Baltimore site I follow ( have been so excited about.  I was doing an internet search for some pictures and history when it dawned on me that it was one and the same quilt.  I already thought it was a beautiful quilt but this made me even more excited.

Since there were so many of the ladies in the Yahoo Baltimore group that were planning to make this quilt, one of them decided to start a separate blog ( so that those interested in making the quilt using the pattern from Threadbear out of Australia ( can all encourage each other.  Can you feel my excitement ramp up another notch..........I think it would be so much fun to do a quilt along with both a blog group, and a class, and be able to share ideas.

To make a long story short, I received my pattern from Threadbear last month and finally pulled fabric this week.  Yesterday I made some design changes (I want a groom for my bride plus a house and.............) and also prepped the blocks.  In class Arlene decided we'd try block #9 (Bird of Paradise block) and block #3 (Bride block) first.  I'll likely be making them in the order the class is making them.  Today I started on block #9 and also sent an email to the blog coordinator to see about joining in the discussion on the blog. 

Here's a picture of the Civil War Bride Quilt that was developed by Corliss of Threadbear that I'll be working on:


sophie said...

I have been eyeing that quilt, too. It's definitely on my someday list. You probably already know about this group blog-for people working on The Civil War Bride Quilt . . . but if not, you should check it out. Lots of beautiful blocks and quilts there.

Kim D. said...

Wow, another beauty... You go girl!! :^)

Rebecca said...

Wow Linda, I haven't heard of that quilt yet. It is so pretty! Are you doing it in the same colorways or are you doing your own colors? I will have to check out that website. Can't wait to see your progress! :)