Friday, May 28, 2010

Simple Sticheries from the Heart Quilt

I've started working on the blocks for a darling embroidery quilt called "Simple Sticheries from the Heart".  This is turning out to be a great handwork project to take when I go to my sewing groups.  There's not much to carry, and it doesn't take too much concentration, so I can talk while I work on it - yeah!  I finished block number two last week for the quilt.  Then I decided I wanted to try hoopless handquilting and thought I'd make another of these cute blocks for a wallhanging as a practice piece for my handquilting lark.  I was totally surprised to find out I'm now "in  love" with handquilting.  I guess I won't know for sure though until I try it on a larger quilt.  It does take a huge chunk of time to do it and my underneath finger is still pretty chewed up.  Sure would love a handquilted Baltimore quilt though.

Here are pictures of the handquilted wallhanging and also the first two blocks I finished.

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Rebecca said...

The blocks are so cute! Where did you get the pattern? Would love to make those!