Friday, May 14, 2010

Am I Really a Baltimore?

Here it completed Baltimore Album Quilt.  I call it "Am I Really A Baltimore?"  I'm so happy to have it all quilted, bound, and ready to hang.  I was intimidated to begin a project of this magnitude but am so pleased that I stuck with it and got it finished.  I didn't keep track of how long it took me to make all of the blocks, the border, and to assemble the top, but I did keep track of how long it took to quilt it - 92 hours.  Whew!  Truly though, I really did enjoy making this quilt.  I spent many contented hours doing the needle-turn applique and the dimensional flowers on the blocks.  The inkwork was scary but once I got started on it, it was kind of fun too.  It was so rewarding to see the personality developing in each block.  There is so much special meaning in this quilt for me and for my family.

Here's a close-up of the center block:

And here are pictures of the individual blocks:

Here's a close-up of the border:


Anonymous said...

Outstanding! Awesome! Gorgeous! I can only imagine how proud you are of this accomplishment.


Linda P. said...

Thanks Lois. I still can hardly believe that I finished a Baltimore.

Jane in Wales said...

What a beautiful quilt. It must be so exciting to have actually finished a Baltimore!!!