Monday, June 25, 2012

Stone Soup Challenge

Our guild chapter (Foothills Quilters) is doing a quilting challenge this year called the Stone Soup Challenge.  Each participant is to  put together a quilt using the ingredients provided in a block packet I put together, adding their own fabric ingredients, and making a "delicious" quilt for all to see and enjoy.  The theme is based on the traditional story of how starving villagers put their meager stores together to make a big pot of delicious soup for everyone to share:  A carrot here, an old potato there, etc.  Likewise, a pinch of this fabric and a dash of that fabric could turn into a creative and wonderful quilt.  The theme I selected was antique toys using bright fabric that could be used as a donation for our charity, Arrowhead Hospital and it's Neonatal Unit.  We make them both preemie quilts and isolette covers.  In exchange they let us use their meeting room for our sewing meeting each month.

Below is a picture of the packets the ladies had to choose from.  Each packet contains one applique block, one 9-patch, a fat eighth, a nickel square, and a piece of rick rack.

The whole chapter will vote on their favorite in several categories and some nice prizes will be awarded.

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