Saturday, January 31, 2015

Block #11, Civil War Bride Quilt, & Trial Layout

I started the Civil War Bride quilt 4 1/2 years ago - boy does time fly.  I completed my 16th block some months ago but neglected to post a picture. it is.  It's block #11 on the pattern - a robin and nest of eggs.

Since I've been helping care for my baby grandson, my time to spend on quilting has decreased a lot.  I've been re-thinking priorities and have decided to call this quilt good with 16 blocks rather than 20.  I plan to add some more applique to the first block in the first row, and a little bit of embroidery on a few of the blocks, sew it together, and start on the borders.  Here's a picture of a possible layout of my blocks.  Input welcome!


Feathers in my Nest said...

OMG!! This is Gorgeous That's definitely an Heirloom.

Linda P. said...

Thank you Debra! I think it's time to get it set and made into a quilt. I've spent many happy hours on it - but it's time.

Anonymous said...

Wow is such an understatement, Linda! Truly a jaw dropper and an heirloom like Debra said. You are a most talented quilter. Bless your heart for being so helpful in your grandson's life. :-) What a blessing to you both, I'm sure.