Monday, January 12, 2015

Nesting Robin Update

My Nesting Robin is coming along.  I've decided to do a free form layout since I've previously participated in 2 row robins and 2 round robins.  I finished my design of the quilt and made the parts for the first several months.  The lady who started the Nesting Robin reveals each month what subject our blocks will be that month. 

-The 1st month we selected our "center/main block"
-The 2nd month we made "squares"
-the 3rd month we made "triangles"
-the 4th month (this month) is "Flora/Fauna"

 Here are the blocks I have so far.  The gaps are where other blocks will be placed:

This is the Center/Main Block
Here are the "squares"  
Here are the "triangles"
I'm making 3 blocks for "flora/fauna" - here's the first one:
Here's the second:
.....and I just finished designing and started working on the third block.  I've always wanted to make a Broidery Perse Tree of Life.  So here it is in process.  I need to applique the tree onto the background, then will fuse the flowers, leaves, & bird, and finally go around them with an embroidered  buttonhole stitch.
My plan is to use various background fabrics and other fabric from my stash.  I'm finding this to be a lot of fun and very creative.


Suze said...

I am loving your Nesting Robin...what a wonderful interpretation! Your quilt is already so interesting...

Sewing Up A Storm said...

That is going to be amazing when you finish it...........well it is already amazing!!!!!!

Sharon Siacci said...

I love what you are doing Linda. Happy sewing.

Linda P. said...

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. It's so nice to have other talented women appreciate what you're doing.