Saturday, April 18, 2015

Crazy Quilt Classes - 101 Design and Construction

I decided to continue taking classes on Crazy Quilting with Kathy Shaw on the internet.  The first Intermediate Class had to do with block design and construction.  We were to design & draw 4 crazy blocks and turn at least one of them into an actual fabric block.  Here are mine:

Doing the embellishments on the block wasn't required in this class but because I plan to make a crazy quilt with my finished blocks I decided to complete the embellishments on at least 1 of the blocks.

This was the design on paper.

We were to make one block that included a curve - I chose a fan.  This block will be further embellished in the future.

 This is the drawing of the fan block- I wasn't completely pleased with the upper portion of the block and worked on making it more pleasing when I used fabric.

This is a block that includes a heart.  When I designed it, I thought I'd make the heart into a pin cushion.  I liked it enough to include it in a block also.  It will be further embellished in the future.

This is the drawing of the heart.


Suze said...

You are really getting into crazy quilting. I love how your blocks are coming together. Can't wait to see the finished quilt, whenever that may be!

Linda P. said...

Thanks Suze. It may take awhile for them to be all finished. They each take such big chunks of time to make.