Friday, April 3, 2015

Two of My Quilts Won Ribbons!

I entered 2 quilts in one of my quilt group's quilt shows (Palo Verde Patchers).  I love to quilt because I love the creative process, and enter quilts to support the shows of the groups I attend, but it's a nice bonus when you they award you a ribbon for something you'd be making anyway.  The 2 quilts I entered this time both won ribbons.  My Home Sweet Home Baltimore Album quilt won 1st place in the Lap Quilt Category and also an Excellence in Machine Quilting Ribbon.  Quite a shock since I struggle with machine quilting and am still a reluctant longarm quilter.


The second quilt won a 1st place in the Miniatures Category.  The quilt I entered is the second of two quilts I made that are very similar.  I made the first one as a comfort quilt for my mom when she was struggling with cancer.  I called it Heart of Gold Miniature Baltimore (it has gold colored hearts in the swag border).  Then I decided to make one for my own wall to remind me of her, and that's the quilt I entered - it has fleur de leis in the swag border, the blocks in it are also slightly different than the ones in my mom's quilt.  Both quilts are 22" x 27".  Here's the quilt I entered:

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