Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another quilt quilted

I quilted another of my waiting quilt tops today.  The top was made in 2006 as a mystery quilt by Quiltaholics.  They called it mystery #19.  I think this quilt looks like a variation of a trip around the world layout.  Here's a picture of it and also a close-up. 

This one was quilted with an allover feather meander pantograph.  It took me a very long time to get this one ready and then quilted.  I didn't have enough fabric in the right color for a backing (not much pink or burgundy in my stash), so I spent way too much time trying to figure out how I could do a pieced back.  I'll try very hard not to do that again because the 5 seams I ended up using to piece the back together caused headaches when I was quilting.  I don't think it helped that I used flannel for the backing either.  The bulk of the flannel made the seams very thick.  The longarm would be going along as smooth as could be and then hit one of those seams and practically come to a stop.  Very hard to push.  Thankfully that doesn't show when I look at the quilting.

I had a "oh darn" moment today.  I was cutting batting for this quilt and realized that both this week and last I was cutting batting from my wool roll instead of my 80/20 roll.  I sure wouldn't have used wool batting on my first pantographed quilt if I'd realized what I was doing.  I decided not to use the wool piece I cut for the above quilt and dove into the 80/20 for it instead.  Due to the batting there's quite a different feel and weight to this quilt than the others.  After I get the binding on it, I guess I should try and wash it to see how much it will soften up.

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Rebecca said...

Your quilting is lovely Linda, DO you have a goal as to how many quilts you want to quilt by the end of each month? That might be a good idea, but then you don't want to get to stressed out, I know I probably would! LOL