Monday, March 8, 2010

Round Robin Quilt - "Happy Hearts"

I'm so excited with my round robin quilt and also excited that I finished quilting it last week.  It will be on display at the upcoming Arizona Quilters Guild Quilt Show. Here is a picture of my quilt; I call it "Happy Hearts":

I made the center block and then my friends in the applique group I belong to made the other rounds (rounds in order made by JoyZ, PattyW, ElaineC, JoniL, & PamF).  I quilted it with feathers in various places, McTavishing, plus meander and pebble fill.  Though I haven't quite mastered quilting on my longarm yet, the overall effect is okay, and I'm pleased with it.  The pictures I took of the quilting don't show it very well but here are a couple of the shots anyway.

When I get the quilt back home I need to figure out how to take clearer pictures so that the quilting will show up better.

I can't wait to see all of the round robins finished (5 others besides mine).  We'll have them all hanging together at the quilt show.  We didn't enter them to be judged; they'll just be for display only.

I feel badly that I was supposed to quilt all of these quilts as my part of the round robin and then got intimidated by the beauty of these quilts and was afraid I'd ruin them after just quilting my first one for Patty.  I ended up asking the other ladies if I could quilt a different quilt for them and let someone with more quilting experience and expertise quilt these lovely quilts.  Thankfully they were agreeable.  One even got an award winning quilter to quilt hers.  I can't wait to see how it and the others turned out after the quilting was completed.

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Rebecca said...

LInda, Your RR Quilt turned out lovely! Your quilting is wonderful! :)