Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Two more quilts get binding

I finished putting the binding on two more of the quilts I quilted last week.  Now there are only 2 more left to bind and then I'll feel like I can quilt some more tops.  Here's a picture:


Rebecca said...

Linda, I am so proud of you! LOL Getting so much done! So know the big question is, What are you going to do with all of these finished quilts? :) I guess you could have a bunch of Christmas presents done, who doesn't love getting a quilt?

Linda P. said...

Thanks Rebecca.

What's funny is almost all the quilts that I've actually quilted previously, I've given away as gifts (I've kept quite a few wallhangins though). Members of my family each have at least one quilt now. I can hardly believe that I've only kept 4 of my quilted quilts. One that I made especially for our family room, and 3 that didn't turn out to be right for the intended recipient, so I made them a different quilt instead. I hope to keep most of the quilts I just finished quilting. Several of them will go up to our mountain home to use on the beds for our group quilting get-aways. Here at home I've been using a crochet throw when I get chilled in the evenings. Now I'll have my very own lap quilts to use instead. I'm pretty excited!

I have so, so many more tops that need to be quilted. I think I'm going to be happily occupied for quite some time to come.