Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Faded Memories Quilt - Top Finished

I just finished this Faded Memories quilt top this evening.  The pieced blocks were finished in 2006 and then sat in UFO status until now.  They are blocks that were made following a 2005 mystery quilt weekend by Planet Patchwork called Opposites Attract.  This is the 5th quilt I made using that mystery pattern.  On this quilt I set the blocks on-point and added alternating floral blocks.  The original mystery used only the pieced blocks - when set together side by side using high contrast fabrics (as directed during the mystery), they are a real eye bender.  Over the last 2 days I set the blocks on-point and added borders so now the top is finished:

Here are pictures of the other 4 quilts. 

This first one is in the layout of the mystery weekend - more of an eye bender.  My sister wanted a pink and blue quilt so I made this one for her in 2006 using the same fabrics as above by Moda called Faded Memories:
Here is another one I completed in 2006.  On this one you can really see why I call it an eye bender.  I originally made this one for my mother; she wanted a pink & blue quilt too, but this one turned out looking blue & yellow instead, so I made her a different quilt instead.  I got to keep this one myself.

This next quilt is one I made for my dear friend Laura.  It's set on-point like the first one above.  This one turned out especially nice and fits Laura to a tee.  You see, I was fabric shopping with Laura one day, and she was pointing at the various fabrics she liked, and that would look good in her house.  Later I went back to the store, and bought several fabrics in the line she liked, and made her a quilt.  I gave it to her for her Birthday in 2006 as a top and quilted it for her in 2007.

The last of the 5 quilts in this pattern uses low contrast fabrics that kind of blend together.  The eye bender effect is not nearly as pronounced in this quilt.  It is a Chruistmas Opposites Attract.  It's the one I actually made during the Mystery Quilt weekend.  This one is still a UFO; it's not quilted yet.

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Rebecca said...

Linda, Love the quilts! Glad to see you got a UFO done! :)