Thursday, April 14, 2016

Crazy Quilt Classes Continue

I've been busy working on another crazy quilt class by Kathy Shaw.  We started by adding silkies to a crazy quilt block.  We then embellishing the silkies and then put frames around them.  Then we worked on Broiderie Perse and applique.  Thought I'd post the pictures of these as I work on the next task.

Here's an example of one of my completed silkies and it's followed by the step-by-step progress on what I've completed for this class so far.

1920's Lady silkie appliqued to block
1920's Lady silkie embellished
1920's Lady silkie with frame

Garden Child silkie appliqued to block

Garden Child silkie embellished

Garden Child with frame
Girlfriends silkie appliqued to block

Girlfriends silkie embellished

 Girlfriends silkie framed
The next 6 pictures are my Broiderie Perse.
Broidery Perse
 Broidery Perse
Broidery Perse
Broidery Perse
Broidery Perse
The next 5 pictures are of my applique.  The hearts are enhanced with embroidery.
 Applique Fruit- the strawberries have broidery perse leaves - the cherries have broidery perse leaves and some embroidery highlights.
 Applique Pear - with broidery perse leaf and embroidered stem.

Applique Bird - with embroidered flourish and some small buttons.

 Applique Ginkgo Leaves
These 4 pictures are for my 2-step applique task.

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Sewing Up A Storm said...

Those all look really pretty. Looks like you are really enjoying the crazy quilting. I have set mine aside for a bit.