Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Beaded Bracelets for Christmas presents this year

I've been busily working away on beading some bracelets for Christmas presents this year.  I belong to a couple of quilting groups so I made one for each of my nine friends in one of the groups. Plus a few more for others I want to give something to.  I've made a total of 20 of these cute bracelets to give...............plus a few more for me to keep.  Here is a sample of some of them so you can see how they look.

The pattern for these bracelets is called spiral rope.  My friend Kim taught me how to make them (thank you again Kim).  I decided to make the ones for my quilting group in shades of blue to wear with their jeans (the first 4 are examples of them).  The next one is multi colored for my youngest grandaughter.  That one took the longest to make because the beads are so tiny.  I'm sure enjoying the process and can even do them while I watch TV.  Sunday night my neighbor showed me how to make beaded earrings.  I may be giving some of those this year too. 

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