Monday, November 23, 2009

Children of the 30's Quilt

This Children of the 30's quilt is going to be a darling quilt - another class from Arlene S.   I've gotten 4 of the children finished so far and am in process of 4 more.  In this class Arlene taught us how to do the faces, arms, and legs using colored pencil.  The clothes are done using needle turn applique.  Then there's the cute little buttons, beads, and embroidery to make it all come together.

I hope you can click on these to enlarge them, the embroidery and such doesn't seem to show up too well in this view.

The layout for these little children uses GFG hexigons around them.  I'm using various colors of 30's fabrics.  This will be my first quilt using 30's fabrics and I think I'm really going to like it.


Kim D. said...

These kids are so cute. The first and second photo's look like you used a pen to color the shoes, they are so dark. Mine seem to be light and I'd like them to be darker.

Linda P. said...

Thanks - they just make you want to squeeze their cheeks, don't they!

I just kept going over and over them with the colored pencils to get them dark. Some brands of the black seem to show up darker than others.

Hilda said...

What delightful blocks! I really like the vintage look to them. Not something I'd attempt, but if they need a home when you're done, you have my address. LOL

Linda P. said...

You're too funny Hilda!

Glad you found my blog.

Lois M Martin said...

I love them! Where can I get the pattern?

Linda P. said...

Hi Lois - glad you found my blog.

I took a class at the Quilted Apple. I think she may have designed the patterns -I've not seen them anywhere individually for sale. The Quilted Apple may know.